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DOOBZ Tube with Stainless Steel SharkStick

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Our business partners at Ookeoo have made a brand new storage and one hitter, the perfect travelling stoners accessory. Introducing the newest addition to our family: the DOOBZ Tube with Stainless Steel SharkStick!
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The OOKEOO DOOBZ Tube with Shark Stick One Hitter.  An absolute must have for anyone who enjoys the Cannabis Flower.  Every consideration was taken when designing and bringing this to market. Another brilliant OOKEOO product!!

The tube body is made with high quality anodized aluminum.  With its precise threads and rubber gasket, this tube is waterproof, smell proof and made for the roughest environments. The sleek design allows it to be carried in a pocket, purse or anything else discreetly.  Doobz tube is interchangeable with OOKEOO Baby Stash tube.  Logo is laser etched to ensure no peeling or flaking.

The One Hitter Shark Stick is designed and manufactured in Canada.  Using heavy duty stainless steel, this pipe will not heat up like the most common cheap aluminum ones. Bowl end of the pipe is equipped with jagged shark teeth to chew up the stickiest of buds.  The mouthpiece is elegantly designed and contoured to create a sophisticated smoking experience.  The mouthpiece also includes an opening to fit the most popular size rolling filters.  

The One Hitter fits into all popular OOKEOO stash products including our various DOOBZ Tubes and Glass Stash Jars.


DOOBZ TUBE Anodized aluminum - Precise threads - Rubber Gasket - Key ring - Smell proof - Waterproof - 115mm T x 15mm D.
ONE HITTER 303 Stainless Steel - Serrated Shark Teeth - Filter Hole - Manufactured in Canada - Contoured Mouthpiece - 76mm T x 10mm D.