DAGGA OG Stashpack

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Meet the stashpack... Dagga has redesigned the fanny pack for the modern cannabis connoisseur and patient. Securely stash your herb and accessories, so you can let loose, kick back, or get up and go with your Dagga stash pack. The Dagga stash pack features a dual-locking system that keeps the contents of your pack 100% secure. The locks are TSA approved and have been airport tested? DAGGA OG stashpacks have travelled from Toronto to Vancouver, the USA, and to exotic destinations like Bali, the Canary Islands and several European countries. The Dagga stashpack has been designed to give you an elevated cannabis experience.
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- Pockets designed for your cannabis accessories

- Discreet compartments 

- Non-porous, air/liquid tight lining

- Smell-resistant 

- Secure


- Dual TSA-approved zipper lock

- Weather-resistant zippers and exterior fabric

- Durable YKK zipper tabs

- Neoprene backing with magnetic closure

- Neoprene accessory pocket

- Discreet pockets 

- Heavy-duty buckle with adjustable strap



The front compartment features a pocket designed to hold rolling papers (including king size), while the back compartment can hold your larger items like doob tubes, flower, grinder and more. The back compartment features specially designed sleeves for holding your vape cartridges upright and secure. With the stashpack, your extracts and coils are ready when you are. Not into vaping? These sleeves can double to hold your pre-rolls. Prefer to dab? We’ve got you covered with an interior pocket to hold your extracts. You’ll never have to worry about a lid opening while on the go. For those items that are particularly important (cash, ID, wallet) there is a discrete pocket running along the inside of the bag with its own zipper enclosure. Just don't forget where you stashed your cash.


The exterior of the Dagga stashpack has been designed with convenience in mind. For quick access to your essentials, a small neoprene pocket is located on the front, right side of the bag – the perfect place to store your lighter or vape. On the back, a neoprene pocket runs full length and features a hidden magnetic closure that allows for one-handed access. Each side features a discrete pocket made for additional lighters and accessories. The Dagga stashpack offers optimal storage made to fit you.