Stop Unwanted Colour Running

Posted by Buddha's Garden on 2020 Nov 14th

Stop Unwanted Colour Running

Did your newly purchased red t-shirt just turn your white towels pink? Don’t worry about it, here is how to remove the colour run from white/multicoloured clothes and how to stop colours running next time. Next time you are having colour running issues or stains you can turn to these easy step-by-step tips.

Important Steps

You can easily avoid colours running in your washing machine by:

  • Always wash new clothes or those more prone to colour running like red on their own.
    • This will remove the excess dye that would run in a normal wash with other clothes.
  • Separating coloured clothing from white clothing before washing them.
  • Make sure to correct the colour running immediately.
    • The longer the dye sets into the fibres, the harder it will be to remove it later.

You might think: These are quite common sense things before and after doing your laundry, but every now and then a stray red sock or new pair of jeans will find their way into your normal wash. It's very stress-relieving knowing useful tips on how to remove colour runs from your clothes, you are not stuck with that pink pair of underwear. Never tumble dry colour stained clothes: heat will set the colour staining and make it that much harder to remover later. Once you notice colour running act fast by treating it immediately and wash again.

How to Remove Colour Running From Your Clothes

Prevention of colour running is relatively easy, but just in case it is too late, here are a few steps to help. Knowing how to remove colour running from white or multicoloured clothes means there will be less stress when your favourite white clothes pink or baby blue.

1.   Do not put them in the dryer or let them fully dry. Spotting colour running before putting them in your dryer will help remove the staining later. But if it is too late, do not get frustrated, skip to step 3 for more information.

2.   Remove the source of the colour running and re-wash or soak the stained piece of clothing. Find the culprit of your colour running and remove it from your normal load. Re-washing your normal load immediately after noticing the colour run should be the simple answer you are looking for.

3.   For persistent stains, you will need to soak them in stain remover or colour run treatment. If your clothes have been dried and show signs of heavy colour running, your best bet would be to soak them with some kind of treatment. Make sure it is suitable for the type of fabric you are going to soak before re-washing your clothes.

4.   A home remedy for stains and colour running. Add 1 cup of white vinegar to a bowl of cold water and soak your stained clothing. Test a small area of your clothes to be sure the vinegar will not further stain your clothes; lemon juice can be a replacement for white vinegar.

5.  Wash again and then dry. Once you are satisfied with the results of your colour run treatment put the clothes back in your washer machine for another wash. Check if the strains have been removed before hanging them to dry or placing them on a tumble dry.

Colour running is easily preventable, as long as you are following the simple steps. Remembering to always separate white clothing from bright or new clothing and always double-check your clothes before drying them. Now you have some step-by-step tips for how to get colour running out of clothes, confidence in buying & washing white clothing will never be a problem!